Marriage is a Gift

Marriage is a gift

This is our anniversary month so my heart is always a little more aware of things in October.  I remember why we picked it.  October marks the start of an abundant fall–the winding down of a beautiful summer season– and  a renewed focus on God as one anticipates the bounteous blessings He rolls out in the coming months.

I often wonder if my husband and I adequately express gratitude for the amazing gift that we share.  With our comings and goings, and our full and busy lives, I’m quite certain there have been many days that I’ve lived below the standard of a Godly marriage.   And though I consider marriage to be my most treasured gift I possess, I often neglect to show God how much our union means to me.

I love the thought that we offer up a gift to God in gratitude by creating a quality marriage.   Surely the way we live and love in our marriage, is a direct reflection of the way we live and love God.

“Marriage is a gift from God to us.  The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him.” (L. Whitney Clayton)

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