About us

We are sisters.  We are business owners.  And we are mothers to five children, each.

We were raised in Salt Lake City, deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It was the perfect place to cultivate an amazing childhood; a city rich in arts and culture, family and faith.

But we spent weekends in the country at a little place called Midway, a picturesque, European-like town where childhood dreams and wonders could run wild and free. It is there that we learned how to work hard and dream big.

Our love for creating beautiful things started at the apron hem of our own Mother.  It sounds so picturesque–but it’s true.  She believed deeply in teaching and instructing the girls in our family to create. 

We are the youngest two of six children.  We come from a long line of dreamers and creators, one of which was our great-grandmother, Hazel, who, after her husband died an early death, set out to make bread to sell and offered a first-of-its-kind delivery truck to deliver to her customers.

We are the owners of two Handmade-in-the-USA brands. We started with a headband, but now have grown the brand Vintage Rose Wraps to create an entire line of hip, humble and happy products, including, earrings, boot cuffs, belts, ruffle bags and leather bracelets.

We recently acquired Flipped Bird, a company specializing in reversible bags and goods.  We are so excited to offer these two complementary brands to our customers. We hope you fall in love with our entire product line. 

Ginny + Katie